Signed under one of the most important music label in Cameroon, in the name of Sonolive, is Elje Contador, one of the most promising artist of his generation, who presents his latest song entitled  »Potelée ».

Before entering into the details about his new song, lets try to know more about who is Elje Contador. Jeanding Elong Mbella, aka Elje Contador started music effectively in 2005, with a friend to him called Black Herba, with whom he formed a group. He was greatly influenced by other renound artists such as the french rappers Sinik and Sully. It should be noted that through out his beginning, Elje Contador was guided by so many other Cameroonian artists ; that is how he finally came in contact in the class of upper sixth, with the multiple award winner, Franko, author of the famous song  »Coller la Petite », a song which travelled all over the globe. Though, the relation between the two artists was not really good at the beginning , they finally kept away their differences and started working together. Later on, he met with Bozeur (… Ekie Bozeur) who became his producer from 2008 to 2012. Elje Contador is a holder of a degree in Physics obtained in Douala, where he leaves, but insteed choosed music as his principal activity. Music being his first and greatest passion, his principal objectif is always producing good music for everybody who listens to him.

With the aim of building a solid carrier, he participated to many musical competitions and came out victorious in some such as ; Menoua Challenge Show 2011, Mboa Come Test  2012, Sloy Campus Tour 2015, Booster Come Test 2016, Come Test (Marché de Noel) 2016.

With all this succes, Sonolive decided to take in hand his musical carrier as the label releases out his first official single  »Potelée » a song dedicated to women, in which he emphasises on the relativity of beauty. The song captivates the listener, as the artist uses comic verses to pass his message.

Many are already convinced of the work of the artist, he imposed himself positively during this last weeks as he performed at the Flashbuzz tour organised by Orange Cameroon and also performed at the recent concert of the super star Maitre Gims from France, concert which took place in Yaounde and Douala.

The single  »Potelée » is present on all streaming and downloading plateforms.

Landry Brookes Mouafo



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