RÉCAP: Pierre Abena x Bold Make Up x MaMamia Lounge

On February 19th, which was the night after the amazingly well designed Miss Biopharma crowning, we attended Pierre Abena’s Meet & Greet at MaMamia Lounge (Douala), and we had a chance to have a chat with the oh-so praised model, to get to know him better.

On his experience with MISS BIOPHARMA..

Pierre told us he was contacted by executives from the beauty pageant to be a member of the jury. Because it all seemed so well planned and was about fashion and promotion of the Cameroonian beauty, two fields dear to his heart, he decided to jump in.

Looking back, he was really happy about how everything came out, to him, it was all very professional, from the planning, to the anchor, everything was on point.

Although he liked the ninth contestant, he didn’t really had a favorite, still, he is very happy with the winner, he even voted for her within the 5 last girls running.


As model and actor, Pierre makes his living on photoshoot and filming sets, he also has been worked with two designers from France and the USA on his own clothing line called ‘Ocho’ (coming out on April 8th). ‘Ocho’ is a state of mind, movement where everything is possible, where people don’t limit theirselves or their vision.


He typically comes to Cameroon two to three times a year, but this was his first time since Secret Story. He loved his stay, especially in Yaoundé, where he got to spend the most time. If any other serious Cameroon-based project was brought to him, Pierre would be totally opened to it because he strives to inspire the youth in a different way that the one we commonly see (through ball players, socialites and others) as he is not much of a clubber and lives a very healthy lifestyle. 


This event served its purpose, Pierre happily met, chatted and took pictures with everyone that came to meet the «real» him.

The girls were really happy with their outing, they got to get their make-up done by Bold Make-Up professional and meet Pierre. Every one of them that we spoke to on that night mentioned his humility and simplicity.

Pierre was surprised by the passion the girls showed and even joked about how he got a sense of why boys on Social Media seem not to like him, but they are going to have to deal with it, because it’s only the beginning!

Keep in touch with Pierre Abena on TwitterInstagram and Snapchat (pierre_abena)

Plus de photos ici.

Par Eva Sixtine UM.

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