C’K People (Review by Jeneepha) – July 2015

Welcome to another edition of the CK People’s monthly review. I need to say thank you for the feedback on the first edition. Thank you for tuning in and reading. If you are new, this is going to be a breakdown of the biggest stories on the Cameroonian Entertainment scene in the last month. It has been another busy month filled with celebrity drama and gossip which we will discuss below.



miss cam

Let’s start with the biggest entertainment event in our country last month, which was the Miss Cameroon 2015 show. Over the last few months, there was a selection process across the 10 regions of the country to pick out representatives at this election. 23 girls were preselected and the event took place at the Palais de Congres in Yaoundé on July 11th. The ceremony had a few hitches: notably the sound system, poor time consciousness and run-of-the-mill performances from Valery Williams, Rico, Les Mo Girls and others. Over the years, the attention brought to this beauty-glorifying show has grown and hopefully, the investment in it can be reflected. The cultural aspect of the show marked the hearts of many. It was a warm reminder of our cultural diversity. The girls also had the opportunity to model in Evening gowns and swim wear. Then, they were abruptly shortened to a Top 6. They then had an opportunity to present their projects which they hoped to achieve during their reign as Miss, of course in accordance with the theme of protecting the environment. The girls had many projects from cleaning gutters to transforming plants harmful to the environment into artwork. Many were particularly impressed by Miss Centre 2015: Joelle Thonet’s eloquence. Also worth noting was the presence of beauty queens from other countries like France, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and the Netherlands. By the time it was approaching 1 a.m., we were finally ready to crown a new Miss Cameroon 2015. Jessica Lydie Ngoua Nseme, Miss Littoral 2015 and a visible favourite throughout the Campaign time and the night was crowned Miss Cameroon 2015. Miss Centre 2015: Joelle Thonet was 1st runner up and Miss Far North Biata Diane was 2nd runner up. Results were obviously pleasing to some and others not. All in all the ceremony was entertaining. We can’t wait for Miss World and to see how the reign of the new Miss unfolds.

Jessica Ngoua & First Lady Chantal Biya


images (1)

Then, it was time for the biggest event on the entertainment scene in Africa, the MTV African Music Awards, which took place in Durban on July 18. Cameroon was represented in two categories: Best Francophone by rapper Jovi and Best Collaboration by rap star Stanley Enow. We came home trophy less this time, which Jeneephaa views as a good and bad thing. Good thing because so much chaos is currently overwhelming our urban entertainment industry. Competition is good as long as it stays healthy. When it is borderline jealousy or envy, then we are lost. We are not big enough an entertainment industry to afford that luxury.

First, the New Bell team was absent completely from the events in Durban and they alleged that the MTV Francophone representative was guilty of preferential treatment to another artist. Then the cockiness that followed the nomination and verified twitter accounts was difficult to keep up with.

Screened from newbellmusic.com

Drama made about little issues like who said congratulations first and who did not reply made matters worse.  At a time when fans were supposed to be voting, entertainers were busy alienating them with unnecessary and overhyped egos. We would have loved to the New Bell team to be present in order to at least network and get Cameroonian music out there on such a big platform. It was not possible for reasons beyond them. However, we would have expected a less dramatic response from them to these inevitable reasons. There is just something about biting the hands that feed you. We would never know how it went down between the New Bell team and the MTV Team but for one, the Francophone acts had trouble showing up because of awful processing and the MTV team claims they reached out to the New Bell team without response. If it was indeed the case that they felt things had been done wrongly, they are not yet in a position to voice this via press release before an internal discussion.

Excuse me but you know any Awards given out to Jovi on the African scene? You know any recognition of his work beyond this? Awards do not make artists but there is a reason why they exist! His name out there in that category is CV worthy.

His twitter account was verified because MTV has the power of attorney to demand that from Twitter. And then, when you receive all this, you find it in you to feel superior to this organisation. At this stage, there is a channel of complaint. You definitely do not accuse such an organisation or its members of preferential treatment via press release. Unfortunate that for us an entertainment industry barely crawling in Africa, we think we are grown enough to run with emotions. The MTV Francophone representative: Mme Magali Palmira responded to these allegations insisting on her integrity and fair play which she is known for in the industry for over 14 years, by stating that all candidates had been treated equally and New Bell and indeed been contacted early enough to be able to make it to the show. So, there goes that….



Screened from www.cultureebene.com




President Tchop Tchop, TV Host

stanley (1)



On the other hand, the motherland team had to face troubles from alleged murder rumours. These rumours had been around since June via a whatsapp group accusing Stanley Enow and Dynastie le Tigre of allegedly organising a “chilling” that ended in the death of a young lady. Stanley Enow had gone through a few press conferences, releases to address these rumours. In the last edition, I addressed how unfounded they were and why we should treat issues like murder with more apprehension. This resulted in an unfortunate exchange between Stanley Enow and Kalagan, presenter on Canal 2’s “C’ Coment?” where Stanley declared he did not like the host. This was received badly members of the Cameroonian media, notably President Tchop tchop who voiced out his disappointment on the issue. Kiss FM went as far as issuing a press release banning Stanley and all his works from their radio station.

Stanley granted an interview to Les Ways Ndole Magazine, addressing this incident, apologising to fans and Kalagan for acting under the pressure of this accusations. Mistakes are made by all humans. Judging by reactions, the apology was welcome. He was able to show up in Durban, network and Cassper Nyovest (winner of Best Hip Hop at this year’s edition) was even happy to call him his “Cameroon connect”. Although he did not win, we expect to see the fruits of this networking via collaborations in the future.

All in all, the conditions for victory were just not there. Between ego, allegations, hurt emotions, hype, fans were not encouraged to vote and the competition was steep. It would have been nice to have trophies in the country, but I’m sure, if things are revisited in the future we can do this. Lets take the psoitive from it, a year ago 1 Cameroonian was nominated, this year 2, what does the future hold? Hopefully more recognition for our artists. We have a year to work harder and get ourselves out there.



By the way, the drama was followed by the release of Stanley Enow’s debut album “Soldier Like My Papa” which features 16 tracks and 2 bonuses including some of the ones we know and love “Tumbu Boss” “Hein Pere” “Njama Njama Cow remix ft Sarkodie”. So far, the album has been warmly welcomed amongst peers and fans who think it was worth waiting two years for. Congratulations to him on that release.
















Aurelien Chedjou & her wife Leonie

Let’s take a break from drama to good news. It is wedding season in the Cameroonian entertainment scene apparently. In the last edition of the CK people review. Its wedding season for our celebrities. This month we had the pleasure of seeing a few people wed. Cameroonian football star Aurelien Chedjou tied the knot traditionally in Douala to his long-time partner and mother of his daughter:  Leonie. Congratulations to the two in their new journey of life as one. Also, Gospel artist, Guy Michel Kingue, behind the hit single “Manyaka” tied the knot in Douala too. Best wishes and congratulations to them as well.


In Award season news, the nominations for the Afrimma Awards (Africa Muzik Magazine Awards) were released.


Cameroon is very well represented in the following categories:

Best Female Central Africa: Lady Ponce, Coco Argentee and Mani Bella

Best Male Central Africa: Jovi

Best Collaboration: Stanley Enow feat Sarkodie

Best Humanitarian – Wax Dey

Best Dance Group – D3 Dancers

Best Dancehall Artist – Wax dey

We didn’t win in Durban but we can vote for this one on the Afrimma website and the ceremony takes place on October 10 2015 at the Black Academy of Arts & Letters, 1309 Canton St, Dallas, Texas 75201 at 7pm.




Joviafriwax dey

































Finally, in “Peoplesphere”, Nathalie Koah launched her luxury lingerie lined known as Psychee by NK. The ceremony took place at the Yao Ba cabaret in Yaoundé.  There was a runway show and a test sale as well as performances from artists like Labl, Locko and the comedian Moustik Le Charismatik. Among those present were renowned TV Personality and CEO of BEBlack TV: Pascal Pierre Bengono Ndobo and Miss Cameroon 2013; Valerie Ayena.


Nathalie was honoured during the ceremony by the Turkish Ambassador to Cameroon for enhancing Cameroon-Turkish relations in the Textile industry, because her lingerie is made in Turkey. Of course, success does not sit well with some people. While Valerie Ayena shared her joy to be able to support Nathalie’s new business venture, PR specialist and former community manager for the COMICA (Miss Cameroon organisation committee), Gladys Otou, did not appreciate the association of Valerie to Nathalie, citing that Valerie had worked hard to get to where she was and how entrepreneurship is good only when legal and ethical sources of funding are involved. We are unaware if she knew the exact funding sources for this Lingerie line but Nathalie Koah was graceful enough to respond to her explaining her funding. The COMICA did not also hesitate to disassociate themselves with the opinions shared by Mme Otou.



That was one juicy breakdown of the events in the Cameroonian entertainment scene. I am here to help you keep up with the major ones. Thanks for reading and I look forward to the next edition to break down some more juicy hot topics for you !







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