Angel Montess : A Cameroonian Beautiful Reggae/Dancehall Singer

Montess (Yvette Enjema) formerly known as Angel Montess is Cameroonian born Reggae/Dancehall Singer signed under the music label, Trackzone Records, front runner vocalist who studied and is a Political Science graduate of the University of Buea. Montess joined TrackZone Records as a trainee vocalist of Adèle Clarisse (BAAM) and Martin Elive (Marpe). Under the grooming of Ngeh Success (DJ Zee), She grew as a back-up Artist and music composer, and has been active since 2009.

She was also an active member of the University of Buea Orchestra under Mr Gaston Ekwe and current management. In 2014 at His Lordship The Duke of Edinburgh’s international academic award in Yaounde, Montess was noticed by many when she performed Charlotte Dipanda’s « CouCou » before The Duke, The Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, the Governor of the South West Region, the Minister of Higher Education and a host of others. Accompanied by the University of Buea Choir she performed the american Anthem at the American Embassy before the American Ambassador in 2015. That is when she told herself, why should i not start? She started music professionally about a year now but has been singing and dancing as a child which has been her passion.  She usually confess the love she has for music and it has been her dream to sing on stages around the world and entertain fans for the love of the art. This has been driving her desire of becoming a more better artist.  Her beginnings in music was mainly influenced by charlotte Dipanda, because throughout her university days she did all her songs and it helped her become the artist she is today. Montess made herself known to the public, when she dropped her famous title Dj Play my song in featuring with the super star Stanley Enow. Her determination and hard work paved the way to so many opportunities in her young musical career. Artist, but a fan to so many of her colleagues, such as Richard bona, Sergio polo, Nguea la route, Tata kinge, Stanley Enow, Jovi, Sparx da virus, Dr sley, Dyonce, Magasco, Dynastie,  Mr Leo, and her music sister Daphne and many others. As a young artist she has always tried to meet up with those who were already there,  so as to upgrade her own musical career. In Love with da gun man is the second single she dropped and was well welcomed by her numerous fans and music lovers. She is also know as a protector of artist rights as she believes that,  the ministry needs to do more in order to protect the artist and their products. The need of investors who are vision oriented and goal minded, and that the few in the industry need to be more flexible in the carrier of the artist than the money they make from the artist’s personal efforts.

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