A trip to Iya Restaurant !

Planning a trip to the South West Region of Cameroon any time soon? This might interest you.
Discover an innovative culinary experience in the charming city of BUEA with IYA Restaurant. With a menu carefully curated and inspired by the traditional recipes of the ‘IYAs’ (mothers) of different Cameroonian communities; IYA Restaurant might just be on the way to being a reference in terms of Cameroonian cuisine.
Here are our top 4 reasons why you might want to check it out :

1. Great location

iya 2

IYA restaurant is located at a walking distance from most hotels in the area; and a thirty-minute drive away from the renown SEME beach. What better way of ending an afternoon enjoying the waves and black sand, than typical Cameroonian food in a pleasant setting?

2. Local ingredients


Be it the Fish, Njangsang (local spice), Groundnuts, Okra, or Plantains; all the ingredients are produced and purchased in Cameroon.
Yes, to fostering the local economy!!!

3. Traditional Cameroonian Recipes


Guided by the savoir faire and recipes of mothers from Douala, Buea and other local communities, IYA restaurant offers the following Cameroonian specialties: Mbongo Tchobi , Groundnut stew , Ndole, Mbanga soup … you name it.

4. Epic visual presentation

I bet you had no idea banana leaves could look so good. To be honest neither did we.
In this new era of digital marketing, the necessity of visual appeal on internet and social media has become undeniable and so far IYA seems to be up to the task. The IYA team has an Instagram account, a Facebook page and a website flooded with creative and high quality visual content. All these contribute to providing the restaurant with the sort of exposure that most local businesses could highly benefit from.
So if you happen to be in the area and end up visiting IYA, don’t forget to give YCK your feedback
***Images are exclusive property of IYA RESTAURANT***

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